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I want to tell you about an “exciting” new product which marketing legend John Adams has created. But first I want to share the BIGGEST ever S.E.O secret with you.

Website Owners Are Being Deliberately TARGETED & DESTROYED By Google’s Killer Robots. And while the killer bots are doing their damage…

… “People like John, me (and our clients) are RAIDING and DOMINATING the search engine results like a hoard of warrior horsemen!”

But understand this, SEO has gone crazy. Back linking has gone crazy. In fact EVERYBODY in cyberspace seems to have gone crazy. But Why?

Because people are starting to think Google is Stupid or blind or both. It seems that people have forgotten what ORGANIC really means.

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It seems that people now believe that bombarding the Internet with back links from anywhere and everywhere is all it takes to be “The Man At The Top Of The Search Engine World”!

Which REALLY Means People Think Google Is Stupid – And That Is A Mistake If Your Targeting Free Traffic.


Google knows the difference between organic SEO and “forced” SEO

  • They KNOW when website owners are cheating
  • They know when website owners are bombarding the internet with false back links
  • They know when website owners are using Outsources to flood the internet with bogus content and links

I’m 99% Sure You’re Making The EXACT Same Mistakes – And I KNOW It’s Killing You!

Trying to fool Google into thinking your more important than you are is killing your position in the search results, and it’s costing you time and money.

tuber raider says stop now

You have to stop thinking that Google doesn’t know what you’re doing. You see, Google “DOES NOT” take prisoners. They don’t care for you.

They don’t care for your family, your needs or how much money and effort you spend on all the back links. They will hunt you down in a flash if they think you are trying to fool them.

Google doesn’t have a heart. They have a vision.

That vision IS NOT to allow websites to have gazillions of back links from web properties Google knows have NOTHING to do with your website idea.

They know your backlinking IS NOT Genuine, long term, relevant, or ORGANIC. They will ignore EVERYTHING you do. They’ll consider you a fraud, and you won’t be the first, or last to fall foul of their take-no-prisoners attitude.

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It’s time to get back to the exciting new product that John Adams created EXCLUSIVELY for struggling website owners.

It’s highly likely you don’t know who John Adams is, and that’s okay. He live mostly underground creating courses for high profile Internet marketers. LIVING inside the search engines everyday spying, raiding, destroying, and dominating the search results in his secret quest for more power…

… And Google has become his biggest supporter. This is underground stuff normally reserved only for John’s closest friends and paying clients but for a limited time YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO!

Tube Raider is 5 years of testing, tweaking and perfecting this unique system. This is a first of it’s kind ever released onto the internet, all rolled in to one exclusive video training course.

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“Here are some of the GENUINE testimonials  received from Tube Raider customers”

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tuberaider fast ways in google

Tube Raider is a training course like no other you’ve ever seen.

The course is simple, fluff free and follows a system so easy to copy, that John even taught his 8 year old grandson to do it (NO B.S)!

We can show you a “tested” system that guarantees you can get on to the first page of Google in just a few hours using only video.

The Tube Raider Training course did not involve any back linking of any kind. I made a promise that I would do this with NO HELP. Which is the mark of a madman!!

For long term success you would of course include back linking. However…

No article directories, no social bookmarking, no blog commenting, no forum signatures, no Facebook, no twitter, no .edu’s, no spinning, no software, and most of all, No cost to you!

google tube raider

Right now John’s clients, students AND indeed also me, are raiding the search results with simple videos that take just minutes to create. These simple videos are indexed and on the first page of the Google search results in hours (sometimes minutes).

Those same simple videos are then taking over the No 1 spot in mere days. And as if that is not enough, Tube Raider will show you how to dominate the WHOLE 1st page of Google!

“The best part is, we can teach you this simple system in 15 minutes flat!”

And before you think we are talking long tail local keywords like Cincinnati car repair shop, or London jellied eels supplier, or New York silk merchant, THINK AGAIN!

We’re talking real global keywords here. High monthly searched keywords, with super high competition. The kind of keywords only a fool (or a genius) would go after.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading, because it gets much better…

tube raider intro
tuberaider step by step
Take A Closer Look Inside Tube Raider 

“The videos are all fluff free, no filler, no wasted time. Your here to get results and that is EXACTLY what you’ll get from Tube Raider.”

All the videos are filmed in High Definition (HD) with simple to follow dialogue. I create training courses for a living, so your in good professional hands.

tube raider training
Course Introduction – 13 minutes
The Whole Walk through Process – 14 minutes
Keyword Research 1 – 29 minutes
Keyword Research 2 – 25 minutes

tube raider case studies
Case Study 1 – 5 x videos – 3 hours
Case Study 2 – 3 x videos – 1.5 hours
Case Study 3 – 5 x videos – 2 hours

YouTube Basics – 14 minutes
Free video creation -8 minutes

Course Conclusion
You’ve Created A Monster, What Now?

tube raider video
tube raider videos 15

In most cases, I can get a video on the 1st page of Google in 20 minutes or so.

This simple “proven” system is so good that I can show you how to get to the number one spot, on the first page of the Google results page in just a few days, with no real effort on your part at all.

And if that’s not enough, it gets even crazier.

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NOTHING That Simple Can Be That Good, Can It?

Actually, It can.

tube raider testimonials

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tube raider videos easy

It takes me less than 5 minutes to complete the process. I walk away knowing (for sure) that I’m going to see a good result EVERY TIME.

This system is so simple yet so powerful that it has worked 100% of the time for the last 5 years. Every time I create a video and follow this simple process, I get Google to love me. AND I get Google begging for more!

I get Google to show me how much they appreciate what I do for them by sending my videos to the top of the results pages every time.

Sounds like a partnership made in search engine results heaven.

Seriously. Google LOVE what Tube Raider does.

tube raider easy ways to google

The more videos I create, the more success I see. It may seem crazy to you but I’ve been following this simple “proven” system since 2007.

Tube Raider NEVER fails.

But I do understand your concern. Can something this simple be so powerful?

tube raider videos live

This is Absolute proof that what I say here today is the WHOLE truth from start to finish.

To prove Tube Raider works and to give you a complete insight into what it takes to dominate the search engines, we’ve created a video course showcasing the whole process with 3 different high profile niches.

tube raider case studies

I’ve created three REAL-TIME case studies that show you step-by-step the WHOLE process of how I take a simple video and set in motion a plan to raid the search engine.

Just like the great warrior Genghis khan and his hoard of warrior horsemen.

We took 3 websites, 2 were badly neglected before Tube Raider took over, and 1 is a new site. The case studies follow “every second” of what we did and how we got the results.

The case studies follow 3 high level keywords in high demand niches.

I show you, as you look over my shoulder EVERYTHING that I do.

  • The niche research
  • The keyword research
  • The process
  • The tweaking
  • The testing
  • And the crushing of all the competition
tube raider videos watch

“You’ll see me jump over the head of Wikipedia in days!”

You’ll see me OWN the top spot, and in some cases the whole first page of Goggle for BIG competing keywords without breaking into a sweat.

If you really are ready to dominate the search engines fast, spend less money, And work Less, then Tube Raider is a must.

This Simple System Is The Easiest Way To Dominate The Search Engines FAST, Period!

No other system works this good
Nothing comes close to the speed you’ll see results
Nothing is fastest or better
No other system allows you to be so lazy and achieve such amazing results
It’s free traffic generation at it’s best

tube raider cost

Tube Raider is a best selling product, receiving two of the highest accolades in the
internet-marketing world.

It does EXACTLY what it says it can do for you.

I want to make this super easy for you. More importantly, I want to make this super cheap for you
to get on board today.

Tube Raider is in very HIGH demand and could easily sell for $97 here today.

tube raider join

Get complete access to the whole training program for a fraction of the price it should cost.


Your payment is completely risk free.


You have my promise that if you are not 100% satisfied with Tube Raider, I will give you back  ALL your money. NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Tube Raider Mark 2 is launching in January 2013 get on the early bird list today and secure your copy: 

Please ensure I get PRIORITY ACCESS to Tube Raider Mark 2 

Dominate The Search Engines Fast. Click The Payment Button Above Now!

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